Early Spring Classes at Doggone Fun – Brand New Curriculum!

Hi All,

I am so excited to launch my new curriculum at Doggone Fun (Tualatin, OR).  I have built a new set of classes for basic training skills for puppies or adult dogs.  There are four classes – each only four weeks and only $100.  The first class is Foundations, then you can take the other three classes in any order.  They other three are Walk with Me, Staying Put, and Come!  Each class covers training concepts, techniques, and theory related to the class topics.

I have also developed the agility curriculum a little further to include foundations courses and handling courses in addition to the classes we have had in the past on teaching obstacles, turns, and sequences.

Alright, here’s the fliers and further course descriptions/dates will be listed on my Group Classes page later this week.

Early Spring Classes at Doggone Fun 2016-2Early Spring Classes at Doggone Fun 2016

If you’d like to sign up, email me at perkinsanimalbehavior@gmail.com